Concrete Construction

Concrete is an extremely versatile and widely used building material for the construction of Calgary infrastructure. Its properties are ideal for the installation of massive building foundations, like commercial or industrial warehouses with a slab on grade or multi-story parkades for residential multi-family projects. However, concrete can also be used to form delicate decorative pieces to adorn streets or gardens with beautifully constructed planters, benches, or even retaining walls to increase the aesthetics of any exterior or interior construction project.

We know, generally, when we say concrete the first thing that people think of are big grey slabs of heavy material, and if that is what you need we can surely provide it. However, our ALSA team of concrete finishers are experts when placing all kinds of decorative concrete, including a wide spectrum of coloured concrete, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate (using a sandblaster or washing the surface to expose the rocks giving the concrete a beautiful texture ), concrete planters for indoor atriums, exterior benches to withstand the elements, curbs and barriers to frame indoor or outdoor green spaces, and more.

If a poured concrete driveway or sidewalk are what you’re looking for, we offer a variety of finishes, the most popular being a broom finish, trowel finish or smooth. Our team will work with you to discuss your options and help you through the process.

Concrete construction requires a high level of expertise to produce a superior product. Our team at each step of the way carefully manage every detail, working closely with the designers, engineers, and survey team to guarantee the excavation, forms, and final pour are exactly where they are should be, and that everything follows the plans and specifications.

ALSA has been a Calgary concrete contractor for decades. We only use top quality materials that will cover all your concrete construction needs. Check out examples of our work by visiting our projects page or contact us today for a quote.