About Us

In 1980, two brothers started a small paving company, and adding to their experience in the construction industry, they taught themselves the business end of things as they went. Hard work, and sometimes a bit of luck, has led them through difficult times and times of great achievement. For 40 years they have built up their business, growing, changing, adding to their team, developing a strong foundation and persevering to provide stability for all ALSA Road Construction staff and their families.

Adapting to meet the needs of the customers they served, the brothers purchased a concrete company, allowing them to streamline the concrete and paving process and increase the services they offered.

Along the way, ALSA has developed valuable relationships within the Calgary business community, achieving industry recognition as a trusted and reliable corporation by past and existing partners and citizens in the communities they serve.

Company Culture

No matter the size of our workforce, ALSA Road Construction continues to prioritize family values, and we maintain the personalization of a family-run business. We believe that to provide the best customer experience, we need to start with our employees. We continue to put our people first, and this approach has proven time and again to drive everything else, increasing customer satisfaction and allowing us to meet or exceed expectations.

Our ALSA road construction family is supported by services such as an onsite daycare, profit sharing available at every level, health benefits for all staff (even seasonal workers), and contributions to staff pension plans to take care of our ALSA family for years to come.

Community Involvement

ALSA Road Construction has always had strong ties to our community and we work to contribute in a variety of ways. Proud sponsors of foundations such as Grow Calgary, Alpha HouseRonald McDonald House, Arts Commons, Hull Services, University of Calgary and the Schulich School of Engineering, we understand the importance of giving back to our community.

We are avid supporters of the Arts in Calgary, happy to support those artists that bring us joy. We strongly believe that by supporting talented individuals in the pursuit of their craft, we all benefit and are all made better for it.

Vision on Sustainability

At every level of ALSA Road Construction we aim to protect the environment for our families and future generations to enjoy. We begin by reducing our carbon footprint at every level of our business, starting with our offices, where we have energy saving measures for lights and heating, an indoor atrium to keep our air fresh and clean, a rain collection system for use within the office, and the use of as much natural light as possible. Our sustainability practices include improved technologies for our machinery and processes, reducing the use of non-renewable energy sources, and recycling materials for use in our products and services.

Onsite, we are always developing improvements for our construction waste management system, be it finding less invasive techniques, the use of more renewable materials, or ways to increase the amount of material reused and recycled. We have a rigid equipment maintenance system in place to ensure that our machinery is running as efficiently as possible, and each employee shares the responsibility of helping us to maintain these standards.

We aim to lead by example within our industry and within our ALSA Family. Our practices are always growing and changing to reduce our environmental impact, and these efforts are then trickled down into the personal lives of our team.

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