Road Construction

Roads can take many forms, and ALSA has been working on Calgary road construction projects for nearly 40 years. From small projects like pot hole repair, to large freeways, interchanges, and complex upgrades to residential or commercial developments, we show the same expert workmanship and attention to detail no matter the size of the project.

ALSA Road Construction’s expert staff will take you through the process, explaining the steps of the project, materials used, the timeline it will take to complete, and the budget required.

From the moment you call our offices for an estimate, to details like how we are careful not to have any segregation or cold joints to make your project stand out from the rest, we work hard to be the Calgary road construction company that is recognized for high quality products and services, expert workmanship and competitive rates.

Our Calgary road construction services include commercial, industrial, and residential asphalt paving in Calgary and surrounding areas. ALSA will manage the removal of old surfaces, removing or relocating any existing trees and vegetation, grading the surface for the new roadway and ensuring the proper base, subbase and paving material is used for your project needs.

Nearly 40 years of Calgary Road construction means there are projects all over the city you likely drive past every day that we’ve completed. From multi-family condo parking lots in Sky Point, Bow Trail improvements, Douglas Glen Transit improvements, or along the Downtown C-Train tracks. Visit our projects page for a comprehensive list of completed Calgary Road Construction projects.

To learn more, or to discuss how we can help you with your road construction project contact us.

Douglas Glen Transit Improvements

Creating a new transit stop along the Green Line. Project work contains underground, earthworks, concrete sidewalks and curbs, paving and landscaping.

Calgary Zoo Flood Mitigation

Paving of Zoo Road, a North Service Pathway and connectors to Baines Bridge. Also created a gravel road near the new Lemurs exhibit.< Go Back

61 Avenue SW

The intent of the project was to create a safe and more appealing space in a high volume pedestrian area. The scope of work included a full reconstruction of the road, underground utilities, wider colored concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter, new street lighting...

Elbow Drive

We have finally reached completion of the Elbow Drive project and the roads will be open by Staurday November 24th!!! We appreciate your patience and co-operation during this construction process. In two years, the City of Calgary will tender out the...