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by | May 30, 2016

Since Sam Kamis and Paul Hughes first met in 2014, ALSA has taken an active role in supporting Grow Calgary and its amazing initiatives!

ALSA has been an invaluable partner in supporting our mission. As a non-profit we thrive off the donations from the public and from our generous partners. We wouldn’t be able to support those who are truly in need if we didn’t receive the supplies and attention of ALSA. Sam and Alex run a successful business, but more importantly, they hold entrepreneurial mindsets that aim to support and benefit the Calgary community”.  Paul Hughes, President of Grow Calgary.

Grow Calgary had its first growing season in 2013, and over the last 3 years it has provided fresh produce for the Calgary Food Bank.  Their goal is, and always will be, to support the vulnerable populations and promote food dignity for all. They believe all Calgarians should have access to fresh, local food, which is why they donate 100% of what they grow. They now provide food to 18 organizations around Calgary, including The Mustard Seed, Calgary Women’s Shelter & most recently the Fort Mac Evacuees.

Grow Calgary has recently been in the news, as they aim to acquire more land for urban farming with their #MOW2GROW campaign, as well as for the city’s approval of their Earth-Ship Greenhouse.

Global News – May 15, 2016

CBC News – April 1, 2016

As a 100% volunteer organization, you are always welcome at the farm to help out and learn the basics of urban farming! Visit them on TwitterFacebook  and Instagram @growcalgary, or their website

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