At ALSA Road Construction we are serious about Alberta Construction Safety guidelines and making sure our staff are adhering to all Occupational Health and Safety guidelines at all times. We understand that we owe it to both our employees, customers and clients to provide the safest conditions possible, while also protecting stakeholders and the environment.

To provide the safest working conditions possible, we have a thorough equipment inspection protocol, including constantly monitoring our construction sites for potential safety concerns and addressing them immediately, as well as provide up-to-date construction safety programs for all ALSA Construction workers. We have curated an extensive health, safety and environmental program at ALSA involving both internal and external safety training programs. ALSA Road Construction has received a COR (Certificate of Recognition) from Alberta Construction and Safety Association which “shows employers Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards established by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety.”

We believe that complete transparency is the best way to fulfil our safety obligations to our workers and the City. We track our no-lost-time streak on every site, and actively maintain safety and environmental training with all our employees.

Our ALSA team clearly understands that Alberta construction safety doesn’t just involve protecting our employees, but also extends to the very environment in which we work. We work hard to develop or adopt new practices that will further reduce our environmental impact. We recycle materials when we can, we maintain or upgrade equipment as needed to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible, and we do our best to protect the environment we work with. We are proud to be part of revitalization projects such as the mitigation of some areas of Calgary Zoo to repair damage from the 2013 floods in Calgary. Helping to not only restore what was damaged, but to work toward protecting the area from future disasters.

Below, you will find our safety orientation video series. We require that everyone who works with us takes the time to complete this series as part of their Alberta Construction Safety training.

To view our complete safety policy please contact us.