Safety Orientation Video Series

ALSA  rollerAt ALSA, we hope that all construction contractors across Alberta take safety as seriously as we do. We understand that we owe it to both our employees and Albertans to provide the safest conditions possible while also protecting stakeholders and the environment. Since we began thirty years ago, our dedication to safety has remained a constant within our company. We regularly evaluate the safety of the equipment and programs available to construction workers, and we’re dedicated to investing in those that deliver the best results. In order to best fulfil our safety obligations to our workers and City, we believe in complete transparency. That’s why we track our no-lost-time streak and post it publicly at our location. Below, you will find our safety orientation video series. We require that everyone who works with us takes the time to complete this series.  


Mandatory requirement to find the coloured Eggs!

We have hidden 6 Eggs throughout the video, tell us what section there are in and what the colours are.
Yellow:, Blue:, Green:, Red:, Purple:, Orange:
1. Does the Occupational Health & Safety Legislation explain your responsibilities for safety? YesNo
2. Are you responsible to report a Near Miss/Close Call to your Foreman? YesNo
3. If you were involved in an Incident/Accident, Close Call or you damage a tool, who must it be reported to?
Co-WorkerSafety Dept.ForemanShop SupervisorOfficeSuperintendent
4. Do First Aid injuries need to be documented and reported to your supervisor”? YesNo
5a. Do you have to hand expose Utilities before you use mechanical equipment in the buffer zone? YesNo

5b. Do the utility locate slips have to be on site before the ground is disturbed? YesNo
6. Check the colours that indicate underground Utilities? BlueOrangeYellowRedGreenPurpleWhite
7. What three pieces of Personal Protective Equipment must be worn at all times when in the Shop?
Hard HatGlassesEar PlugsSafety VestSteel Toe BootsMask
8. Are Foremen responsible to explain the Hazards and the Controls of a task before you sign the Assessment form? YesNo
9. You are suppose to attend Tool Box Meetings once a week. TrueFalse
10. Check any of the reasons below that will cause disciplinary action to be taken:
Being late or absent without noticeLeaving your job site without permissionConsuming Alcohol or Illegal Drugs on the job sitesNegligence causing damage to company or public propertyNot Wearing your PPE at all times
11. The Three Step Disciplinary Policy is: Verbal Warning, Written Notice, Dismissal. TrueFalse
12. Stretching before work and after breaks will help reduce injuries? TrueFalse
13. Driver’s are required to complete a pre-trip inspection of trucks weighing 4500Kgs and over? TrueFalse
14. All materials & equipment carried in a truck box must be covered and secured. TrueFalse
15. Off Road equipment must be inspected and documented in the Pre- trip book. TrueFalse
16. Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA) means, Knowing what work you’re doing, the Hazards involved and the Controls you're going to use to protect yourself and your Co-workers? TrueFalse
17. Do workers have the “Right to Know”, the “Obligation to refuse unsafe work” and the “Right to Participate” in the Hazard Assessment process? YesNo
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