About ALSA Road Construction

Alsa buildingIn 1980, two brothers took a chance and started a small paving company. Two years later, our modest family business was able to hire its first employee. Today, despite now boasting a workforce of over 130 people, we maintain the family spirit that helped us to begin over 30 years ago.

As the largest independent road construction company in Calgary, ALSA is regarded as a premium road building contractor. We earned our first city contract in 1986, and we’ve been helping to pave Calgary ever since, but in the early 90s, we realized that our small paving company was able to grow to serve other needs.

We knew if we wanted our business to keep growing, we’d have to expand our services beyond paving. Over the years, we’d realized that many of our clients wanted to work with just one contractor for both concrete and paving services, so we decided to purchase a small concrete business.

It was the right decision.

The concrete business was a powerful complement to our paving company, and ALSA became one of the best Calgary contractors able to offer a range of services from concrete and paving, to road repair, road construction, and new developments. With projects like the 7th avenue LRT refurbishment, as well as work on eight other LRT stations, and the Chinook Center Mall Renovation in our portfolio, clients know ALSA has the expertise to complete multi-million dollar projects, but we’re also happy to service customers that need a pothole filled.

Our history and dedication to doing the right thing has led us to becoming a leading contractor in the City of Calgary, and we are one of only a few road construction contractors pre-qualified and indemnified with the City.

We know that building a great city doesn’t stop at constructing roads and sidewalks. It includes protecting the environment, supporting the arts, and giving back to the various charities that need our support. This is important to us, it’s a part of the value system that we live and adhere to, and it always will be.