Our Projects

At ALSA Road Construction we take pride in the projects we complete. Thorough training, planning, and management helps ensure our team is strictly adhering to the highest health and safety practices and environmental standards.

Starting in the office, our engineers, admin team, safety officers, estimators and project managers work together to compile a detailed plan unique to each project. Over the past 40 years our team has worked cohesively together to reduce friction points for our customers, helping us deliver superior products and services in a timely manner – saving our clients and customers time and money.

Whether it is a two man crew repairing a cracked sidewalk or filling a pothole, or a team of 50 on site covering an entire multifamily complex, our employees work efficiently and are committed to serving our customers, our contractors, and our partners.

Over 40 years we have completed many projects you’ll likely recognize. For example, our Calgary Road Construction team completed paving of the heavy-duty access road and the light duty parking lot including new curb and gutter at the new Easthills Cineplex.

We have completed many projects for the City of Calgary. For example,at 6th Avenue and Bow Trail we completed the project that included milling, asphalt paving and concrete repairs. We also hand-placed and finished the concrete around the C-Train tracks in Downtown Calgary.

At the Alberta Tennis Centre in Acadia our team completed light and heavy duty paving of both indoor and outdoor tennis courts, including line painting, exterior sidewalks and a City driveway crossing.

Some of our more complex, custom construction projects involved detailed project management and using creativity to accomplish the ultimate finished project for our customers. The University of Calgary Schulich School of Engineering is one such example. A major expansion, including building interior and exterior social spaces designed to enhance the student experience within the faculty. The installation of concrete sidewalks, concrete curb and gutter and coloured pavers made this project fun and challenging , and one we are proud to showcase.

The revitalization of the Kensington district involved the demolition of existing roadways, sidewalks, and structures, followed by a complete rebuild all while protecting and expanding upon existing vegetation and maintaining the functionality of the roads and sidewalks for high volumes of commuter and pedestrian traffic to surrounding businesses. ALSA enjoys teaming up with the most talented and creative teams to complete these unique and complex projects, to produce a beautiful and highly-functional end product that will be enjoyed for years to come.

We are always pushing the envelope, looking for new and better ways to complete the services we have become known for, and to expand our offered services and products to better serve our current and potential clients and customers. We look forward to working with you to make your dream project a reality.

See below for a complete listing of our latest projects.