Special Projects

ALSA is proud to have been involved in many Calgary construction projects that go far beyond the scope of road construction and paving.

We have completed many unique and challenging special projects where we needed to manage traffic flow, follow detailed and specific architectural specifications, and maintain a high standard of workmanship.

One project you may easily recognize is our work in Calgary’s downtown community of Kensington. The scope of this construction project was a revitalization of the main streets that housed the local businesses and a major community hub. ALSA was responsible for upgrading the streets by replacing the sidewalks, existing trees, and asphalt. The challenge of this project was not only the intricacies of the plan, but to maintain vehicular and pedestrian traffic during the construction process. Through careful planning and management our team successfully completed this construction project, giving the residents of Kensington and visitors to the area a beautiful and functionable space which will serve them for years to come.

ALSA’s work on Calgary Construction projects also includes 61st Avenue from Chinook Mall toward Centre Street. A large and complex project completed in conjunction with the addition of the +15 over MacLeod Trail into Chinook Mall, that involved the reconstruction of a high traffic access road, and beautification of the area. Some of the complications of this project were maintaining pedestrian and automobile traffic, and sourcing and planting interesting, lower watering vegetation to add aesthetic appeal to the area while requiring little to no maintenance. Our ALSA Road Construction team completed this task to produce an attractive and durable finished project that improved the overall flow of traffic in the area.

One of our upcoming projects is to repair and resurface a selection of the City of Calgary’s back lanes. This will be a massive undertaking which requires a high degree of organization and pre-planning.

At ALSA we enjoy these special construction projects as we find them like connecting the dots to produce a finished product that is as useful as it is attractive. To see a complete collection of our work visit our Projects page, or contact us now to get a quote for your project.

Downtown Calgary Transit

Handplace and finish Concrete around the LRT Tracks

Serenity Golf Course

Subgrade prep and paving of access road and parking lot

Schulich School of Engineering

The expansion provides interior and exterior social spaces designed to enhance the student experience within the Faculty of Engineering. The scope of work included concrete sidewalks, concrete curb and gutter, coloured pavers, and installation of multiple trench...

King Edward Arts Hub

Light & heavy duty paving of the parking lot as well as line painting. ALSA also completed patterned concrete sidewalks, concrete stairs, city driveway apron and city separate walk.

West LRT Line – 69th St. & Westbrook Stations

Hard landscaping areas (sidewalks and curbs) for both the 69th Street and Westbrook LRT Stations. The scope of work also included the installation of the irrigation systems and electrical conduit installation.

7th Ave LRT Refurbishment

Owner: The City of Calgary