Completed Projects

At ALSA, we know we do great road construction and paving work because we have 30+ years’ worth of satisfied clients to back us up. Don’t take our word for it, though; look at a few of our recently completed projects below:

Project Name: 7th avenue LRT refurbishment

  1. Value:2.6 mil
  2. Prime Contractor: PCL
  3. Owner: The City of Calgary
  4. Scope: Five city blocks of hard landscaping installed at LRT train stations; included were, colored/structural sidewalks and ramps, new slabs and curbs, bus/track slabs.

Project Name: South Center Mall Renovation

Value: 3.2 Mil
Prime Contractor: PCL
Owner: Ivanhoe Cambridge
Scope: New entrance which included concrete slabs, construction of new parking areas.

Project Name: Shepard Landfill

Value: 7.0 Mil
Prime Contractor: Alsa Road Construction Ltd.
Owner: The City of Calgary
Scope: Earthworks, granular materials, asphaltic concrete, retaining wall, concrete barrier.

Project Name: Trico Center for Family Wellness

Value: 2.4 Mil
Prime Contractor: Alsa Road Construction Ltd.
Owner: Family Leisure Community Centre
Scope: Construction of new parking lots: included was the supply and placement of granular material, asphaltic concrete, concrete clubs and sidewalks.

Project Name: 2010 Local Improvements

Value: 1.7 Mil
Prime Contractor: Alsa Road Construction Ltd.
Owner: The City of Calgary
Scope: Paving of back lanes included: excavation and grading, underground utility adjustments, asphaltic concrete.

Project Name: Chinook Centre Expansion

Value: 3.4 Mil
Prime Contractor: PCL
Owner: Cadillac Fairview
Scope: Expansion to existing mall included are: concrete slabs, construction of sidewalks, curbs, curb and gutter, and asphaltic concrete.