What Can ALSA Do?

ALSA has been helping to pave Calgary for over 30 years, and we’ve been involved in numerous large projects throughout the city. Some of the more recent projects we’ve worked on include Elbow Drive Phases 1, 2, and 3, the Calgary international airport expansion project, Center st. and 14th st. rehabilitation projects, Shepard Landfill, and nine LRT station refurbishments. We’ve also paved bike lanes and we’ve worked with the City to help with other general local Improvements.

ALSA is in the business of providing quality concrete and asphalt paving at a competitive price. When we first started doing business in 1980, we knew the only way to compete and thrive with the heavy competition was to offer high quality services at a great price. Today, we stand by the value of integrity, and that means not over charging Albertans for the work they need done. We do a multitude of jobs including excavation and grading, installation of catch basins and leads, graveling, curb and gutter, sidewalks, and of course, asphalt paving.

Road Construction. From dirt walking trails to the cobblestone streets of Europe, people have been constructing roads for eons. Whether you require a number of short streets built or need a major highway constructed, ALSA has the equipment and expertise to manage new road construction from start to finish.

Road Repair. In Canada, roads and sidewalks age, wear down, and eventually need to be repaired or replaced. It’s a natural part of erosion that comes with having a real winter. Know a neighbourhood, side street, or secondary highway that needs to look new again? Do you represent a municipality in need of an overlay or major road construction? Our road repair team could be the answer.

Concrete. Since the beginning of human ingenuity, buildings that we wanted to give permanence to, were created with stone. Today, using concrete, humanity can create its own permanent materials. ALSA’s concrete services include everything from new construction of large projects to simple repairs. We regularly work on concrete slabs and construct curbs, gutters, retaining walls, barriers, and more.

Paving. Whether it’s bike lanes, highways, or parking lots, Calgarians depend on paving. We need it to get us where we’re going, to give us a place to leave our vehicles, and even to play and exercise outside. ALSA has been paving Alberta for 30 years, and we’ve seen and handled nearly every kind of project.

New Developments. Calgary is a constantly expanding city. People from all over Canada and the world are moving to our great home, and the city is always constructing new houses and neighbourhoods. That means new sidewalks, streets, gutters, driveways, and more. Looking for a leading construction contractor for your new development? ALSA has the equipment and expertise you need.

At ALSA, no job is too big or too small. We have a dedicated team of estimators ready to assist you with pricing and to provide recommendations for your specific job. When it comes to building roads and parking lots that require asphalt paving and concrete, nobody does it better than ALSA. Some of the best people in the business work for us, and they deliver the quality and expertise you deserve.