Company Values


  • Be fair, provide guidance and be decisive
  • Be accountable and responsible
  • Create a happy environment, which will result in a high productivity and one of well-being
  • Promote those with leadership qualities and empower them


  • Commitment, respect, honesty, trust, loyalty.
  • Working together to achieve common goals by assisting and supporting each other.
  • Good effective communication.
  • Working together by being honest and open with each other while having fun!


  • Honesty, quality, trust, price, and truth.
  • We stand behind our word; we practice what we preach.
  • Is the cornerstone of our company and will not be compromised.

Quality and Production

  • We meet or exceed our customers expectations in the products and services we provide.
  • Achieving quality and productivity through teamwork while maintaining a safe environment
  • We are knowledgeable with our products, and professional in our conduct


Our Approach to Your Project
ALSA Road Construction Calgary recognizes that each customer has different needs and requirements for their job. Our strength comes from working closely with our customers to tailor our efforts to suit their needs. We know which questions to ask, which approaches will work, and how to create the result you want. As part of our commitment to quality, we have built our business around communicating closely with you. So, rather then having your project passed from desk to desk when you contact ALSA, you will be dealing with the person responsible for ensuring our work for you measures up to the highest standards.

Our focus on meeting and exceeding your expectations is based on having the best people in the industry on our team. To get the results you want you have to talk to the right people. At ALSA Road it is our mission to have the right people available for every project.

Ground-level Responsibility
At ALSA, both responsiveness and responsibility are at the heart of our commitment to our customers. Plans, conditions, and expectations can change during a project and our seasoned team of paving and concrete experts have the qualifications, the expertise, and the authority to make flexible ground-level decisions and make sure that every job is done right. This approach is designed to meet your needs and address the hundreds of variables and details in play as the project moves forward.


ALSA Road Construction is one of the largest independent paving and concrete companies in the Calgary area. This means we are not owned or aligned with any particular supplier. This independence provides us with the flexibility to choose the best supplier for each job. So not only can we get you the best price for materials, we can also ensure they meet our specifications and are available on time.

Our experience also works in your favor when we are dealing with suppliers. We are veterans in the industry, with a well known reputation for attention to detail and commitment to quality. As such, our suppliers know that ALSA demands and expects only top notch materials and services. In this way, we can offer our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their projects are being completed by the best people, with the best materials, and for the best price.

Our Work

ALSA Road Construction is an industry leader for a number of reasons…
Ultimately, it comes down to our focus on providing excellent work on a consistent basis. Our goal is to always rise to the challenge of meeting or exceeding our customers expectations. As a result, we have earned the trust of some of the most exacting customers, such as the City of Calgary, to handle some of their most challenging and technically demanding projects.

While ALSA is fully equipped to handle even the largest jobs, we still bring our full talents to bear on smaller endeavors as well. So whatever the size of your project, you can count on ALSA to meet your needs, successfully, every time.

Since 1980, ALSA Road Construction has led the industry in bringing our clients the latest in proven products and technological advances. While doing so, we have created a team of outstanding professionals to take care of our customers needs. The result is long standing tradition of quality and reputation for fairness, integrity and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Why not take a look at some of our recently completed projects and see for yourself what ALSA can do for you? Or, if you’re ready to get a bid and start moving forward, feel free to contact us now.